Embrace your TRUE self

Embrace your TRUE self

One of the reasons, I created a product range for curly-haired individuals was driven from my personal experience growing up with curly hair. What I learned was that our curls are an integral part of our make up. I believe it speaks about our heritage, our personality , where we are in life, our passions and our sensitivities.

Raising three curly-haired children, I want them to grow up embracing who they are as individuals, embracing other people and cultures and moments as they journey through life, creating lasting impressions.

Curl Care is about ‘Embracing your TRUE self, in whatever form that looks like; through your family, work, hobbies, interest, beliefs or bodies.  Allowing yourself to be the TRUE you and accepting others to be their TRUE self.

The most effective ways to moisturise kids curls

The most effective ways to moisturise kids curls

The key to bouncy healthy curls is: Consistency

Here are some methods you could use to infuse moisture back into your childs curls. Read more

How to Style kids Curly Hair

How to Style kids Curly Hair


The relentless quest for the “perfect head of curls” is very real . As a mum of three curly girls, my journey has involved a plethora of products and methods that I have tried and tested to achieve that curly look. I have even gone as far as developing my own organic hair product range for curly kids to help me to reach that curly nirvana. The one thing I cannot emphasis enough for super-healthy gorgeous curls, is good everyday care at home. It is important to invest in quality cleansers and conditioner.

Knowing how to style kids curly hair was always a mystery to me. No matter how much experience any of us have at styling and training curls, it seems like they often have a mind of their own. Read more

Water logging

Water logging


You know how washing your hands too often makes them chapped – even if you don’t use soap? Washing your hair ultimately dehydrates it too especially if you have porous hair or hair that has had a chemical treatment (colouring, highlighting, perms, relaxing).

The stress of hair-washing comes from the endocuticle layer beneath the cuticle, swelling with water against the cuticle layer. This is sometimes referred to as “water logging”.

As a result of ‘water logging’, the cuticle are strained and stand away from the hair. In this state, they are more easily broken off. And so you have protein and water loss resulting from broken cuticles.

Cuticles in this vulnerable position break from rubbing on other hairs, from wet combing or detangling while wet. Adding to dry, fizzy look.

One of the ways to combat this would be to reduce the amount of wash days for your curls. If you find you are unable to , then using a film forming coat over your hair before wash to reduce the amount of water going in and coming out.




This is my  three year old Goldilocks. Her gorgeous curls have not always looked this amazing. She has been as patient as any three year old can be, as I tested and trialled so many different products and methods to best manage her hair.

Why does curly hair care have to be so difficult and technical? The amount of products we load onto our Childs curls to get that ‘curl definition’ is amazing. You  need a biology  and chemist degree just to understand the ingredients and instructions!

I love the KISS rule (keep it simple silly). I think, once you understand the curl, then finding the right products is much easier and managing it becomes simple.

Here is my checklist for my girls curls:

  • organic and natural products only -free from silicone, sulphates, parabens
  • film forming humectants-like aloe vera
  • Penetrative oil (coconut oil)
  • wash less often during the week

My routine has changed since i started this blog, my curl week for my girl looks like this: wash weeks

I only wash with shampoo and conditioner once a week and co wash twice a week. In between I keep her hair dry unless of course she has paint or play dough in it! I also pre poo her hair with oil and conditioner once every two weeks.

My three year old is happy. it’s a simple routine, minimal products and easy routine to remember.